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So many of you are paving your own way these days. Reaching for new heights. Finding your passion or passions and creating multiple streams of revenue in the process. You might be currently pondering, jumping straight in, revising, or going full speed into the next level of business ownership. Wherever you fall in the spectrum of being an Artist, a Hobbyist, a Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur, Non-Profit or Corporate, Unfold Creative Co. is here to collaborate with you.

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If you're new to all of this, no worries, I love to help by first just having a conversation with a complimentary 1 hour assessment of where you currently are in the business process. You might be starting out and need someone to consult with to hone in on your voice, target market and even possibly a business/product name. Or, you may already know all of that and need a designer to help with the visual face. Wherever you are in the process, Unfold Creative Co. can help.

A Few Other Key Things to Know About Unfold Creative Co. >

First and foremost there has to be a mutual respect and kindness as we partner together. There also needs to be dedication, passion and enough time in your schedule to be able to collaborate on the design project at hand. Unfold Creative Co. is very deadline driven which is key for both your new business and mine so we can all succeed and keep moving forward. 


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About Your Designer

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Beth Dryden received an AAS degree in 2000 from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Display & Exhibit Design in Manhattan, NY. She later went back to school in 2004 and received a BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. Her college years were all about exploring art (specifically photography) and design. Prior to that, she spent several years working in 1-hour photo labs and as a retail & corporate level visual merchandiser. Beth has also worked in the publishing field as a graphic designer and photo stylist. 

With 13 years in the marketing, branding and design fields and 25 years in the visual merchandising/retail industry, she is well versed in strategic design practices to help your company (new or old) emerge or…re-emerge if needed. 

In her spare time, Beth designs and hand stitches leather accessories by upcycling leather scraps, leather couches, leather jackets, etc. Her best seller is the business card holder that you can customize to fit any size card (square, slim, standard, etc). Check out Bernice London on Etsy.

Beth currently lives in North Atlanta, but also calls Savannah home as well.  She welcomes clients from all over, so please reach out with your design needs!

Click here to view her in-depth design portfolio.


What To Expect While Working With
Unfold Creative Co.

Attentive Customer Service Based on Respect, Kindness, & Integrity.

Education for Best Practices in Marketing, Branding & Design.

Support & Clarity for your Business Goals & Mission.

Fostering Creativity & Longevity as you Grow with Refresh Sessions.

Mentoring for those looking to Re-brand.