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One of the best parts about what I do as a graphic designer, is meeting with new clients (mostly soloprenuers) and hearing their stories. I get quite a rush of inspiration after chatting with them and it really helps keep every day exciting and different. -- Much needed as a creative. --  Most people these days are breaking out of corporate America, taking a leap of faith and creating new and/or unique opportunities for themselves... something I understand very well as I recently did the same thing.

A client was referred to me few months ago and he was seeking refinement on a sketch/concept he already had in mind. His product -- a drone. I've only known drones to mainly deliver packages or the occasional one you hear about on the news that got "too close" to an airplane from a hobbyist not knowing the height restriction laws. So, hearing my clients story about what his company can do and what the future holds for new technology in the drone world, well... gees, how can you NOT be inspired by that. I was all too excited to jump in and get started.

The logo story on the right shows a logo mark as a drone which is made up of an "a" and and "i" and slightly skewed to add "movement" as well as a swoosh under the type. My client originally wanted another color palette, but I swayed him while showing some various options to go with the blues/grays. It will help the logo pop nicely off of dark gray or navy shirts and just when it's seen in general such as on his landing pad. He also wanted a splash web page to give presence until he has time to add more content. Right now, my client is busy and that is awesome! He is based out of Richmond Hill, Georgia so please contact him if you are in need of his services. 

"Aerial Images specializes in using the latest in professional Drone technology to capture amazing 4k Ultra HD images & Video. From the fun story tellers to professional data collection and construction industry, we can help." -- Aerial Images