For the Artist or Maker

For the artists. The makers. The musicians. The chefs. The skilled craftsmen. The ones working tirelessly to hone in on their talent and create new, unique products, art, music or food. Learning the tools of the trade from the old days. Going back to the roots of an older generation, yet striving to make it in this modern world selling on Etsy or at weekend festivals, playing gigs where you can or cooking the locals amazing cuisine via your food truck. 


You've been gifted special talents and love to share with others. Spreading the word with the goal of selling and putting your name and craft/music out there. Finding time after work, after playing with the kids, on the weekends or whenever you have free time to create and explore ideas.You're highly creative and possibly have an idea of what design needs you have and even if you don't, that is ok too.

Ideally you will first need a logo. One that is crafted and tailored to your target market while keeping true to the essence of who you are and what you're creating. A logo that has several parts to it (text, a symbol, etc) and is designed in a vector format so it can be used effectively and efficiently moving forward. It will speak to your customers, fans, brand advocates and loyalists. It helps spread the word passively when you are busy creating. Once you have that, you can explore other options to help further build your marketing needs. 

Where You Might Be Sharing Your Talents >

You might have a tent, booth, stage, mobile boutique or food truck at any of the latest music, art, food or indie craft shows. 


Online Marketplace or E-Commerce Website
Are you selling on Etsy, Amazon Handmade,'s Marketplace? Maybe it's time to branch out with your own e-commerce website.

Pop Up Shops
These could be at local farmer's markets, a customizable space within an indoor market, at in-home parties, or set up at local events.


Brick & Mortar
Maybe it's time to open your first retail location, music venue, restaurant/café, or gallery.


Items You Might Need >

Logo. Basic or e-commerce website. Business cards. Signage for a table. Banners for the booth or tent.  Graphics or vinyl wraps for your truck, band van or trailer. Packaging for your products - boxes, bags, tags, note cards. Social media graphics, headers, and profile pictures. Stickers for your fans. Hats. T-shirts. Other swag.

Are you a hobby-crafter instead? Not sure? click here.