What is a brand?


A brand is more than a logo or a name. It’s a perception that is formed over time by emotion(s), stories or experiences defined by your customers, employees, and influencers. When you analyze and create a purpose, a mission, and a voice that ultimately speaks to your target market, you establish a firm foundation for a successful business, however ultimately the overall brand is shaped by the future, cultivation and growth of your business, service and/or product and how others engage with it.

What is a brand identity?


A brand identity is the full visual representation of your business and its mission. Design elements and collateral that are carefully crafted to be unique, polished and effective. Identity pieces include a cohesiveness within all elements -- a logo, website, graphics, fonts, and colors along with other marketing collateral whether it's print or digital. 

What is a logo?


A logo is the main element of a brand identity and sets the tone for the rest of the visual collateral to unfold. It will usually consists of text & symbol or mark/icon. Some companies opt for just a logotype (simply text with no mark/icon) and in some rare cases just a mark or icon but this is harder if the brand is new or not well known and is better saved once it's established. (Think of the Target bullseye for example.) A logo is best when created in a vector format for ultimate quality and use in future applications. 

Not sure if you need to Re-Brand? 
Schedule a Brand Identity Review Session! 

1 hour of reviewing and diving deep to see if what you have is working, needs small tweaks or a full brand identity refresh!