For the Hobby-Crafter

For the hobbyists...or hobby-crafters. The ones perfecting an extra hoppy IPA on the weekends or soaking fresh picked cucumbers and okra in a secret picklin' brine to give to friends and family. (Bonus points if you can read that out loud without stumbling). The ones creating a "lifestyle brand" for their newest passion (resembling that "adjective" life brand, etc). 


You're slightly kin to the "Artists-Makers" category, but you might already be doing what you love by day, and this is just a fun, creative outlet in your spare time. Not too worried about making money, but rather just sharing with your family and friends. But who knows... maybe one day you'll propel it into a small business. For now, hanging out with friends or neighbors, schooling them on what "hops" are. Riding around the farm with the kids, harvesting seasonal fruits and veggies and then turning them into jams and jellies for the upcoming holidays. Life is good. Would be kinda cool to have a little logo and labels for your new home brew or wine --- packaging for your jams and jellies. That's where Unfold Creative can help. 

Items You Might Need >

Logo. Packaging (printed or hand created) for your products - labels, boxes, stamps, bags, etc. Social media graphics, headers, and profile pictures if you want to do some fun stuff via Instagram or Facebook. Stickers for your fans. Hats. T-shirts. Other swag.