For Non-profit or Cause

For the non-profits. The foundations spreading awareness. The fundraiser events benefiting various causes. For the ones doing good, making a difference with their own money or little to none at all. Those who have been personally affected by tragedy and want to help in some way. Relying on the kindness of strangers, volunteers and those pure of heart to help a specific cause. I aspire to be more like you and want to help with your design needs at minimal costs. 


Time may not always be on your side as you rush to organize a fundraiser or event that needs last minute graphics. Or perhaps you need to start a website where people can go to read more about your non profit product or service and even donate if they can. You're problem solvers, kind hearted and creative minded with goals of helping others or making life better for a person, a group or the world. 


How You May Be Helping >

Individuals or groups creating a product, service or educational materials to help better your local community, city, state or country. 

Fundraiser Organizer
Examples include raising money for last minute medical costs, expensive medical testing for a cancer patient or perhaps for awareness of a specific cause and funds to proceed in further development or education. Maybe you love animals and are doing all you can to help them. Perhaps there is another cause, person or group worthy of an event where others can come together and help. Sometimes you are rushed and in a hurry to get things done as time may be of the essence.

Foundation Organizer
Perhaps something happened in your life that directly affected you and your family and you want to establish something concrete in hopes of bringing focus and attention to your cause. Raising money, offering education and/or to help those who need it most. 


Items You Might Need >

Logo for the cause, event or foundation. Basic website where people can learn more or donate funds. Signage for the event. Banners for the booth or tent. Social media graphics, headers, and profile pictures for the group or event page. Hats and T-shirts where more funds can be raised and in turn also spreading awareness as people wear them. Other event swag in efforts to raise more money.