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Long time client, Sarah Engen of the Wardrobe Shrink, recently introduced me to her husband, Brendan Engen, and his evolving psychology business. He has been in business for quite some time and felt he was ready to really hone in on his true voice as a psychologist, reaching a new demographic but without letting go of his current clientele. He felt he had already been using these methods of positive psychology, but the brand (people's vision or interpretation of his practice), the name and overall visual identity just didn't match up. Meaning, a new name was needed and a brand identity to help support this new direction, visually, but without compromising the foundation of what he had already built. So I hopped on Skype with the both of them and we had a blast just chatting about this new direction, name ideas and overall vision.

Brendan introduced me to stoicism that day. I've always thought a stoic person was cold and void of any pain or emotion. Which is true in some sense, however Brendan so aptly coined today's version, and his practice, as New Stoicism. A way of looking at yourself and everyday problems you might be facing and how better to deal with them through a form of positive psychology based on some of those ancient principles. You can read more about the 4 main movements his practice is based on and his wisdom filled blog, The New Stoicism, here.


diggin into the design

During our extensive creative brief convo, we really tried to flesh out a new name. Brendan already had a name, Eupatheia, he was intrigued by, but wasn't sure if it was the right direction or if anyone would get it. I loved it. So did Sarah. It was relevant, unique and most likely there was a domain name available. :) Now we just had to figure out do we go with just "Eupatheia" or "The Eupatheia Center" or "The Eupatheia Clinic" and so on. There also needed to be a way to give people an idea of how to pronounce it so we added some phonetics to the spelling as well we gave insight in the main definition on the home page. So, after much debate, we finally rested on "The Eupatheia Center" as it encompassed the new demographic he wanted to target which was professional individuals &/or couples, young adults dealing with pressures and demands of today and the like, all the while staying true to his current clients, most of them kids. The name also gave a more modern feel to this type of service instead of using "clinic" which makes you feel, well, just sick. He felt his eupathic/stoic foundation was more suited to those in his new demographic and we were excited to move on and explore logo options.

Brendan is partially of Nordic descent and wanted to maybe infuse norse mythology along with the eupathic/stoic elements. He was also inspired by symbols that you find in most healing arts and yoga such as circles, stars, the lotus blossom, etc. The nordic tree of life was also an inspiration to the sketching process, however we did not go with that in the end. Brendan chose a more fluid, flowing, ethereal bird-phoenix-like abstract flourish. For the logotype, we went with a rustic font which lends to old stoic statues, smooth yet chiseled, cold yet warm, perfect yet un-perfect, adding the tagline in with a softer semi-cursive font to help give balance. The stacked logo with the bird askew, gave height and hierarchy to the layout and also helped with breaking up such a long name. 

When it came to color, of course, variations of cool blue tones were a must. Sarah has also used these blues within her own business and they both feel they represent who they are as well as an overall appeal to clientele --- soothing, bold, confident, calming. I am not the biggest fan of using gradients, but in this case it was necessary to show fluidity and movement within the mark. 

While working on the website, I was able to design a few icons to help draw attention to and represent their most important highlights of the site such as "book an appointment", "refer a patient" and "contact us". These icons really helped bring the whole vision and identity together along with other swirls and images with sunbursts and sunspots -- hazy, happy, introspective.  They wanted a light, airy feel to the site, nothing heavy or depressing obviously. I think overall, while the site is rightly heavily influenced by content, that there is a good balance of imagery, graphics, color and overall layout for it to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing. 

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