A Refreshed Perspective


I recently came across the word multipotentialite

So THAT’S what I am - It all makes sense now!

Have you ever heard of it? It’s a simply amazing term that a gal named Emily came up with and built a business around because she herself is one. Puttylike helps others understand who they are whilst creating a community for other like minded creatives/multipotentialites. 

Sigh of relief…it finally makes so much sense as to why I don’t have that ONE true calling or passion. Makes even more sense when I realize the potential for multiple streams of revenue and the need for keeping my creativity fresh and ideas explored. I always thought I had to choose between being a designer, a visual merchandiser, an artist, etc. etc., BUT, no...I can do all of it. How freeing the thought of that is. 

So this revelation has brought me to now. I sat on my porch a few weeks ago, and all these thoughts flooded in, so clearly, about how I could change my company to better benefit the ever changing, modern business world. There are so many genres of small businesses and entrepreneurship that it can get overwhelming and confusing. Since I am a newly discovered multipotentialite, I want to help. Why or how you ask? My career path(s) has led me through each of these fields at one point or another and I want to extend that knowledge and guidance to you and your design needs.

So many of you are paving your own way these days. Reaching for new heights. Finding your passion or passions and creating multiple streams of revenue in the process. Now there is more time for family, friends, enjoying life and finally, loving what you do. I’m excited to learn more about what you all are creating and can't wait to help out.

I truly appreciate you stopping by and for considering me for your next design project! 

- Cheers, Love, Designer B.