Wardrobe Shrink

Rebrand & New Marketing Collateral

My client was looking to rebrand her logo for her growing business and I was so excited she trusted me to get the job done. She needed to streamline and convey a upscaled, classic logo to meet the needs of her target market. As with all projects, I always start with a creative brief which is a series of questions to help me find the true voice and market so I can better design for my clients needs. A few things she mentioned was that she loves the Bauhaus school of design and principles as well as color and white over black. Ultimately she loves the shades of blue that we chose for the overall design. It's effective and tells the story it needs to tell. 

She also asked me to re-design swatch cards and a scrapbook or book of profiles she has extensively researched, built and nurtured over the years. It's a major tool once the client is on their way and ready to practice what she taught or coached them on. The 65 page ebook is simple, effective and overall fun to look at. Her clients will rejoice in all the informative illustrations and terms to help them understand what fits their body type best. 

Digital E-Book Design / Print Collateral

Excited for continuing projects in this brand. Sarah reached out again for me to redesign her 66 page e-book as a digital download as well as a 4 updated palette swatch cards to hand out to her clients.